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A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe

When Mrs. Cooper ends up in the forever box, her bland granddaughter Annie is tapped to take over as CEO of the family's fledgling cookie company. Everyone in the town treats Annie like a complete stranger even though its her hometown. She tries to throw the most dull Christmas party of all time to help, but in all the boredom, someone steals the family's famous cookie recipe! Mind you they still mass produce these cookies after the recipe is stolen but lets ignore that plot hole like the writers ignore developing a compelling story. Annie does the responsible thing and DOES NOT TELL ANYONE, instead relying on the accumen of some random baker in town, a bootlicking assistant, and an IT guy with severely untreated ADHD. They go on a romp throughout town, solving a mystery that took the average viewer about 3 seconds to solve.


Comedy / Romance

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe