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Massive Africa Mala Mala

Thirty-three thousand acres of unspoilt land makes up world-renowned Mala Mala game reserve. This fascinating region is a hotbed for wildlife activity with some of the greatest game viewing opportunities in Africa. Home to one of the largest concentrations of predators in the world, Mala Mala plays host to some of Africa’s most epic animal confrontations. The Sand River serves as a life-line for Mala Mala’s wild inhabitants, as it winds its way across the rugged landscape – big cats like the Lion and the Leopard battle it out for prime territory, while across the banks vast herds of antelope are drawn to the lush greenery and the dappled shade of sprawling Acacia trees. —Lion Mountain Media

  • Release: 2019 ( 14 Mar 2019 )
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Massive Africa Mala Mala